Thursday, October 23, 2014

For the love of snail mail- Pattie

Today's guest may be a familiar one as she was recently featured on The Journal Diaries. (click here to see her art journalings)  Patti is here again today to tell us a little more about her snail mailing hobby, how she got into it, and what she enjoys most about it.

- Hi Pattie! Happy to have you here again and welcome. For those that may not know, can you please tell us a little more about yourself?
Well, my name's Pattie and it's my most common nickname in the internet world. I'm 19 and I live in southern Poland. I was living in Germany for quite a while and I have Austrian roots, so I really had to tell that I'll happily live here again.

- How did you get into snail mail and penpaling, and how long have you been doing it for?
That's a funny story, because my friend showed me at first and I loved it, but it was quite a short period, then I checked someone's profile and there was a link to this person's instagram with the code words like "penpal" or "mail-art." Even direct swaps were completely new for me. But soon it appeared that the longer I used these words, the much I loved snail mail. I'm still a newbie in crafty things, but it's a year by now.

- How many penpals do you currently have and where are they from?
It's always a more/less temporary number, because sometimes it's impossible to say no to someone! But I have quite a few people and I'm writing with them this whole year and I'm not going to stop writing them by far. So yeah, they're from Russia, Slovenia. Brazil, Germany, USA (quite a few lovely humans from USA, all in different states! That's amazing) and some more countries I can't remember by now. I also write with my lovelies on Poland.

-How did you come across the majority of your penpals?
I've found most of my penpals through Instagram. Although my beloved one Russian penpal has found me via and this really cheeky option, "direct swaps." :) I also have connected with people via tumblr (crazy!) and their art-blogs.

- What are a few things you enjoy sending?
I really enjoy sending long letters and now I've started to send poems and make my mails more artsy. It's really hard to put something written by Richard Siken onto a small piece of paper, haha!

- What are some things that you enjoy receiving?
I really adore when people send me the things they did especially for me. You know, I like to call it "personalised art" with something especially for you. When you know that it was made just for you. That's some lovely things to receive.

- What have been some of the most memorable mail you've received?
Some of  my most memorable Yeah, I've got 5 of them actually. One has been as the first ever mail I've received and it was from the USA, which is so so far away from where I live. It was just a small envelope but with a handmade flower on it. I was so incredibly happy when I saw it in my mailbox. The other one was on of the most beautiful mails ever, so floral and birdal. Was a shame to unpack it. Then I received a bag of goodies from Holland with many references to Harry Potter. And the last two ones are also from the USA and the newest one is from Germany. (The most incredible thing is when people put so much effort in their artworks!)

- When is the best time to put together your snail mail? 
Now I have no time for fun, so I have to do it only during Saturday's and evenings are the best periods for craft, so that's it. Also, when I have some time during the week, I'm usually writing replies.

- Have you met any of your penpals in person?
I haven't yet! But it was very close. I promised my Russian penpal to visit her someday and I'll do my best to keep my promise.

- What advice could you give for anyone looking to make a good an genuine connection with their penpals?
I'm still learning as I said, but I'm doing it via Instagram. It's a really helpful app. And I'm trying to write really long letters, if I know that the delivery takes ages. :)


To see more of Pattie's beautiful mail posts, be sure to check out her Instagram gallery, @moonriselan, or follow along through her blog,

Monday, October 20, 2014

Good mail days- Incoming from Germany (and outgoing)

These songbirds stamps are actually still my current favorite. I mean, look at them. Just so bright and lively. It'll make any plain ol' envelope that much better!
 I put together this little parcel for Alessa in Germany a few weeks back. Alessa was actually one of the amazing supporters and purchasers of my very first zine, The Ephemera Scrapbook.
A little after she received my zine, she was so kind and sent me this "thank you" package full of happiness and surprised goods. It was such pleasant surprise, to say the least.

Thank you so so much, Alessa!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

My 2015 Hobonichi Planner

 I did it. I ordered the Hobonichi Planner Cousin size for 2015. Now I'm all set and ready for the new year! (planner wise)

This little pen and tissue holder came free with the purchase.

Compared to my 2014 original size you can see that this planner is much bigger and roomier.

This is just what I need, all this wonderful page space.

As far as the cover goes, I wasn't too impressed with the Hobonichi's A5 line this year, so I opt for this filofax Flex cover instead. It fits like a glove!

Being that the Flex has two slip pockets in each side, the Hobonichi cover slips right in.
And it sits in there pretty securely.
The scuffs on the cover are still driving me crazy, but I try not to worry about much. I'm on a mission to find a thick enough band to cover them. For now, I'm using this thin elastic hair band to keep the binder shut when not in use. I haven't decided if I'll actually need the band once I start shoving papers into my planner or not, but I still have a few months to tweak some things around.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Using the Filofax Flex A5

Introducing my new 2015 folder in which I was lucky enough to find on Amazon for $35. 

Unfortunately, Amazon thought it was a great idea to stuff my fiance's headphones right on top of the binder (we combined orders to get the free shipping) into a teeny tiny tight envelope box thus creating indentation on the top of the cover.
I was hoping that a good rub would make it somehow go away, but no. These marks are here to stay. Definitely not happy about it, but what can I do (besides send it back, but I was too lazy and not wanting to go through the inconvenience of that).
This A5 Flex binder will be replacing a current Cambridge binder I'm currently using for work. I'm going to need a change for the new year.
The thing that appealed to me the most about the Flex was just how many pockets and slits this little folder had. There are so many hiding spots for receipts, bills, invoices, etc. Perfect for what I need and have planned.
The binder also came with a ruled notebook...
which underneath reveals come pockets and card slots.
And tucked inside one of the pockets is a removable, yet sturdy, pen holder, which I plan on using as a writing pad. 

On the ride side of the Flex is another jot pad...
with a pocket underneath

and another pocket on the side.
The back side
And this how it looks closed. It's actually pretty compact and smaller than imagined, in a good way.  

Make sure to check out tomorrow's post to see how I intend on using her for the upcoming year!

Monday, October 13, 2014

For the love of snail mail- Jenni

Hello, friends, and happy Monday! Today I have a very special guest that I would like to share with you all.

Typically, each week, I try to post all of my lovely incoming mail and parcels, but then I thought, "How fun would it be to see the creations of other wonderful and fun snail mailers out there, too!" It's always nice to discover other people that share such similar interests, right?

I know a lot of you are seeking or enjoy the craft of snail mail so I decided to start a new segment introducing you to a few of the people and their crafts that I admire. In this case, I'd like to welcome a good Instagram friend of mine, Jenni. I'm sure you'll find her works very beautiful and inspiring. Let's take a look, shall we?
- Hi Jenni! Can you tell us a little more about yourself?
My name is Jenni, I am 53 years young and I'm from Melbourne, Australia.

- How did you get into snail mail and penpaling, and how long have you been doing it for?
I got into snail mailing earlier this year, as one of my followers asked if she could send me a letter. Of course I said yes, any excuse to get to know people better, and exchange mail is a positive thing. 

Years ago I had pen pals, that was back when I was in my teen years and now I'm enjoying writing all over again. It's been one of my favourite experiences so far, and very exciting meeting new people online and writing for them. For me it's all about the mail, not the parcel.

When we were young we didn't send gifts, it was just lots of letter writing. I sent letters to so many countries, and I loved keeping the stamps back then too. I love sending friends letters and gifts, I'm just not big on receiving gifts. Only because I'm 53, and I know many of the people I write to are younger and starting out in life. I don't like to see them spend too much money.

- How many penpals do you currently have, and where are they from?
Right now I have around 20 people I'm writing to, and I'd like to write to a few more when I have time. My pen pals are from all over Australia, Paris, Indonesia, America, Canada, UK and the Netherlands.

- Where did you find most of your penpals?
Most of my pen pals are from Instagram, the rest are my friends I've had for years who have moved away from Melbourne.

- What are a few things you enjoy sending?
I love sending letters, mail tags, little personal surprises such as soaps, lace hankies, stationery, pens, washi tapes, books, magazines like Frankie and hand made gifts.

- What are some things that you enjoy receiving?
The one thing I love receiving the most is a letter, especially when the writer is so open and friendly. After that it's probably stationery, washi tape, anything I can use for my planner, basically in expensive things. I honestly don't like anyone spending too much money.

- What have been some of the most memorable mail you've received?
The most memorable mail I have received has been some of the letters from my pen pals, telling me about themselves and their lives. Recently I was given a few un expected gifts, and they all had so much wow factor. One dear friend knitted me a beautiful tea cosy, another friend sent me one of her gorgeous hand made quilts! I expected neither, so I was very pleasantly surprised. I'm always surprised by people's kindness, because I never expect anything.

- When is the best time to put together your snail mail?
I usually put my snail mail together when ever I have free time. If I can, I love to spend time crafting a little each day, so I try and combine some snail mailing with crafting. It means I don't fall too much behind with my snail mailing, and I have time for other things too. On average I probably snail mail and craft for 1-2 hours a day at the most. If I could I would craft all day!

- Have you met any of your penpals in person?
I haven't met any of my snail mail buddies as yet, but I would love to meet them. I've been fortunate to meet a couple of lovely ladies from Instagram offline when they came to Melbourne. After meeting these ladies we don't write to each other we text, as they live in other parts of Australia not over seas.

I always tell my pen pals if they ever come to Australia I would love to show them around Melbourne, and spend a day or two with them. When one of the ladies from IG came to Melbourne we spent the day together, I showed her all my favourite thrift shops and cafés. Recently she returned to Melbourne, and I took her on a tour of the Dandenong Ranges. We spent the day shopping in the little vintage shops, having afternoon tea and taking photos. I'm hoping she will come back before the end of the year.


Thank you so much, Jenni, for showing us your wonderful snail mail and crafts! I love the pretty vintage feel to these all! And for all you Instagram users out there, you might want to check out Jenni's Instagram gallery, @jennilee61, where she posts daily pictures of her letter writings, tea times, and so much more!

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