Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Moleskine Home Life Journal

As I was shopping for a carry-on bag yesterday, I came across this Moleskine Home Life Journal. At first, I wasn't sure what to think of it. "Do I need it, do I not? Will I use it? Will I not?" But after thumbing through it, I realized that this could come in handy for my upcoming move. The fiance and I are packing up and settling into a new place next month, so this might be what I need to help organize all of the decorating ideas I have in mind. 

For the last month I've just been using my DIY midori insert for any new projects and organizing plans, but hey, this was on sale at TJ Maxx for $4.99! Couldn't pass it up. Plus, I've never used a real Moleskine planner before, so I figured this is the time to finally test it out for myself.
There are 6 labeled tabs already there for use, but in the back, which you can't see as it's hidden by the "inspirations" tab, are 6 more tabs that I can customize myself and make them into whatever I want. It even came with stickers in the back pocket that could be used as well. So as time goes on and I start to stuff this notebook with ideas, I'll let you my final thoughts.

Have any of you used a Moleskine Passion Journal? I saw that there was a travel one, too. Might have to look into that and see what the paper design looks and feels like. You can never have too many travel notebooks. 

Monday, July 21, 2014

Good mails days- Incoming from Germany

I received such a pleasant package all the way from Germany a few weeks ago. I remember Victoria telling me that she was going to send me some "snail mail," but I totally wasn't expecting this:
A wonderful and fun package she called the "Summer Parcel!" Everything was so bright and colorful and nicely put together! My mouth practically hit the floor as soon as I opened it.

I took my time (as I do with all my mail) slowly going through each and every assortment Victoria had creatively tucked away into this little blue box, and I laid it all out to admire.
-  fresh smelling perfume samples
- a smooth and refreshing hand lotion
- cute cupcake liners and toppers

-Sparkling confetti fun!

- Strawberry flavored  mentos. Yum! (my favorite next to Haribo gummi bears.) 
- And this Marciso Rodriguez perfume, which smells so nice, sweet, and unique! Not only am I a notebook/journaling collector but also a perfume fanatic, so this definitely had me jumping with joy! I haven't smelled anything like this so far, and I've been wearing the heck out of it ever since I received it. 
And to add to this awesome summer theme, Victoria even included some "summer feeling" by carefully wrapping up some pretty little seashells. This whole package was just such a delight to go through! And in all honesty, this has inspired me greatly to think about putting together parcels for others myself. Just the feeling of joy and happiness that comes about from opening up a box of surprise is so much fun, so enlivening. It's similar to the feeling of opening up your birthday presents not knowing what what to expect, but you're excited nonetheless because you know it'll be something good, something that was put together with love and thought.

Thank you so much, Victoria, for such a generous summer parcel! (Yours is already on it's way, so let me know once it arrives!) This really made my summer that much better already!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

New postage stamps

Went to the post office this past weekend to drop off some packages. Brought back some stamps that I just couldn't resist getting.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Crafty Links

What have you made recently?

Desert mornings

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