Saturday, August 23, 2014

On vacation {in Korea}

By the time you have read this I'll already be up in the air on my way to Korea! I'm so excited for this trip as I've been planning to go for the last 2 years. Now I'm off to some fun times with friends and family and will return who knows when! I'll probably not ever want to come back!

A few things I made sure to bring alongside me:
• my Midori passport traveler's notebook
• my newest camera, the GoPro
• an Xhot camera extender and a Joby Gorillapod tripod
extended battery phone case for my Samsung Note 2 (this thing really comes in handy for those long layovers)
• a book
• my tablet (the extra backup for when the phone and extended battery case dies)
• super comfy sandals 

*For those that have Instagram, you can follow me through my travels @seaweedkisses. Blog posts will resume once I return.

What are some of your travel essentials?

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

How to fill a Moleskine with good quality paper

If you follow José on Instagram, you may have seen the DIY Moleskine he recently posted. Remember that wonderful journal of his that he was so kind to share with us here? Well, José shows us just how he adds his favored vergé paper. (Be sure to also check out this Youtube video he recently posted displaying more of his journaling pages. Absolutely stunning!)

For those that do not have an Instagram account, see below for José's step-by-step DIY Moleskine instructions:

 -Moleskine cover
 -Good quality paper
-Thread and needle
-Adhesive for bookbinding
-Cotton fabric for bookbinding

Folding the sheets. Cut the A4 sheets in A5 size. Only 15 sheets A4 from 100g/m2 paper are enough for a moleskine pocket. Fold them and make groups of 3 sheets each. Press them properly.

Binding. Perform 5 holes with a needle and a template. Sew applying the method you like.

Paste the stack. Press the sheets in order to apply glue only on the edges. Set the cotton fabric and apply more glue. Release the stack and paste the wings of the fabric to the paper. This will avoid tiny clearances between the sewn sheets.

Cutting the paper. Cut the edge of the stack to fix into Moleskine dimensions. Use the sandpaper to shape the corners.

Remove the paper. Kill the Moleskine. Do not suffer or produce too much tears. Cut the paper from the second pasted pages (front and rear part of the notebook). Reuse the register tape and glue it in the new paper.

Insert the new paper. Paste the stack made with the new paper into the cover. Apply glue only on a small area of the external sheets, not in the edge. Voilà! New notebook is ready for all kind of inks.

Extra. When the notebook is complete is a good idea to add a few more details like stylish paper in the first pages or an acid-free tissue paper pocket for better conservation when being stored.

For more of José's journalings, be sure to check out his Instagram account, @jose_naranja.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Crafty Links

• Mel transforms her laundry room into her creative space. Check out her fun snail mail posts as well!
• This beautiful sketch of Serena's kitchen. Wow.
• These nice handmade journals made by Marysza
 Penpal organization, tips and ideas by Emily Jane
• I wish I had these Zelda Triforce earrings back in my gaming days...or even this Sailor Moon necklace.
• Speaking of Sailor Moon, how delicious (and pretty) do these donuts look!
DIY postage stamp jewelry
• There's just something about seeing one's handwriting that I enjoy
• This helpful guide on the characteristics of notebooks and notepads

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Midori snippets

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

My new daily planner

Remember that Molang notebook I was using as my daily planner? Well, I ditched that thing (as my daily lists became too large for it) and fell in love with this Mead daily/monthly planner I came across at Target. For $9, this thing has helped me stay way organized and has worked well for me and my current bullet journaling system. *I think I wrote somewhere that I was converting my Midori Traveler's Notebook into my daily planner too, but I just wasn't feeling it after a while. I didn't like how the pages didn't fall flat and how I had to baby the leather making sure that  it wasn't around any food or beverages in fear of getting it damaged. As much as I loved the idea of making it my everyday planner, it just wasn't convenient for me. I came to the final conclusion that it will only be used for my travels and vacationing journal.*

So this Mead planner is nothing fancy, really. The cover comes in two plastic cover colors from what I've seen, black and red, measuring at 5 3/4 in. x 8 1/2 in. It consists of three features:

• tabbed monthly pages (on two pages)- The overall month-at-a-glace is a perfect size for me. It's large   enough to write down and highlight the main tasks, birthdays, appointments, or reminders for that day.
• a dated page per day- Here I list all the things I need to do for that particular day and check them off     as I go. There are a total of 22 lines on each page, so that's plenty for me to work with. And each page has an empty box on the bottom to write in whatever other miscellaneous things come to mind. I use it particularly for blog post ideas, dinner plans, gym classes, and whatever else I feel that isn't as important to list within my task list but things I'd still like to make a mental note of or remember.
• notes pages- I like how this page is tucked in right before each new upcoming month. Here I just recap my month and events, and then I jot down any upcoming goals I have for the next 30 days. I also use this page to keep track of any outgoing mail/postcards that need to be sent out, my workout progress, and my "wish-list."

While I wouldn't go as far to say that this notebook is my overall "perfect" planner and accommodates all of my scheduling/planning needs, I will say that it's been pretty helpful thus far in keeping my tasks a lot more simplified and making me really focus on what's important for each day or month.

What are you using as your go-to daily planner? And does it work well for all of your scheduling needs? Do let me know as I love seeing how others use different forms and styles of planners! If you have a post on it, feel free to leave your link below!

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